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 Video Portal Content Detection
Online video portals are considered to be the newest and most resourcefully efficient technology available. Complete movies or music files can be easily viewed or listened to online. Thus, the data is immediately retrievable without any handling issues.

IPP International can trace your copyrighted material within the world's largest video portals. We can then prevent user consumption immediately after the upload process has been completed.

Additionally, we can cover instances such as when:
- the title is only partially exploited
- the soundtrack has been uploaded to a high/low quality video
- music is used as a background for other material
- scenes are filmed by handheld camera

Connection data has not been obtained - however, the prohibited material will be immediately deleted.

File Sharing Observation

A large part of internet traffic is generated by file sharing networks, where you can transfer huge amounts of data in little time. These file sharing or peer-to-peer (P2P) networks are used in 99% of cases when spreading software, movies and music illegally. Renowned networks are BitTorrent, Gnutella and Emule.

We are able to track and monitor illegal propagators within those networks around the clock whilst simultaneously pursuing several thousand file versions.

Web crawlers work to permanently analyse websites and integrate new releases into the process during the whole observation cycle.

One-Click Hoster Observation

One-click or file hosters are online storage providers where users are able to quickly upload or download files without registering their personal details.

This technique is especially suited for large file distribution, such as movies, music or software products. This medium targets large audiences and also serves as an alternative to other file sharing services.

Wide availability is the general advantage of this distribution channel. A file request will be downloaded in these cases after only a few seconds.

IPP International utilize specially crafted programmes to browse established one-click hosters around the clock. The download links for your products are, in agreement with most providers, directly deleted without any red tape. Depending on the company's headquarter location, legal actions are initiated and the hoster can be committed to pay indemnity claims.